What's New in HTS 5

We are pleased to present the updated and intuitive Hogrefe Testsystem 5 (HTS 5). The improved HTS 5 includes many features:

Platform independence

HTS 5 was programmed to be completely effective across platforms.

Adaptive testing technology

HTS 5 supports adaptive testing technology. Adaptive test FAKT-II is an example of this.


Editions packages have been specifically tailored to the needs of different customer groups. Available are: Basic EditionHuman Resources EditionClinical Edition und Full Edition.

Licensing model

The new license model allows separate consideration of implementation, reporting (evaluation) and exporting.


With HTS 5, test users can now create profiles - for example, when comparing candidates using data gathered from different sources. 


The HR Edition offers a ranking function by default, helping to organise and position potential candidates. 

Group Analysis

This feature allows for the analysis of several people who have completed the same test. Test takers can be compared and statistically analysed (mean, standard deviation, minimum, maximum).

Follow-up Analysis

Using the follow-up analysis, test users can easily see how the test results of one test taker have developed over a period of time.