Hogrefe Testsystem 5

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Hogrefe Testsystem 5 (HTS 5) continues to meet the high standards set by its predecessors as both a scientifically-based and economical test system. Developed according to psychodiagnostic test design requirements, and boasting a highly modern interface and navigation menu, the HTS 5 user can be assured a testing environment that meets the most rigorous standards.

The HTS 5 test platform and procedures comply with current scientific standards and offer a flexible, reliable alternative to conventional paper and pencil methods. The system is platform independent and can thus be used in Mac-, Linux- and Microsoft operating systems. 

As an all-rounder among test systems, HTS 5 is a reliable support for high quality and professional evaluation or decision making. In addition to its known advantages, new features have been included in HTS 5 to further enhance user experience: 

  • Extensive results feedback
  • Standard and scale choice
  • Intranet module
  • Multi-profile comparison
  • Group evaluation (ranking/profiling)
  • Tablet testing
  • Report editor

From proven test methods to innovative solutions, HTS 5 offers a wide range of products that allow for testing in an efficient and intuitive environment. The user chooses from the trial offer and can rely on many benefits: 

  • Innovative, adaptive tests
  • Valid and reliable measurement results
  • Parallel testing
  • Test battery management

The development of tailored editions, such as Basic Edition and HR Edition, allows for products to be fully adapted to user needs.

Both the online and offline versions of HTS 5 include rapid data entry and data export.