Based on the psychometrics publishing success of Hogrefe Group, Hogrefe Consulting offers solution-oriented, integrated HR processes and assessments.

The service portfolio of Hogrefe Consulting covers consultancy in personnel selection and development processes. This includes test selection, implementation and qualification, the setup of a comprehensive competence management system, the perception and realisation of potential, management audits, and the arrangement and delivery of development centres. The realisation of these programmes is accomplished by qualified, experienced consultants. Our assessments and processes are suitable for a wide range of business individuals: from young professionals to managers, as well as newly-appointed or senior executives.

In addition, Hogrefe Consulting offers specific training and workshops for HR professionals, including sessions on interview techniques, giving feedback, or around other applications of aptitude testing. Within the context of personnel development, such as talent management and the promotion of technical and executive staff, Hogrefe Consulting specialises in the targeted use of diagnostic instruments to create efficient and tailored development programmes with verifiable results.

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