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Data security

Learn more about data security in Hogrefe Testsystem. [more]


Choose between Basic Edition, HR Edition, Clinical Edition and Full Edition. [more]


Explanation of test results in the form of a narrative report. [more]


The ranking feature makes it possible to organise and position & several candidates. [more]


Using the profiling feature, employers can define job profiles or requirement specifications. [more]

Profile comparison

Compares and assesses multiple profiles. This is also called multi-profile comparison. [more]

Group analysis

This feature allows for the analysis and comparison of several people who have performed the same test. [more]

Follow-up analysis

Using the follow-up analysis, test users can easily see how the test results of one test taker habe developes over a period. [more]

Online portal

The online version of HTS 5, and the next generation of HTS WebEdition. [more]

Local installation

The offline version of HTS 5, and the next generation of HTS WebEdition. [more]


The Hogrefe Software Interface (HSI) is available in both online and offline versions. It is used for smooth integration with third party systems. [more]

Internet testing

Testing completed on the internet. Using an access code, the test taker logs in for testing, with the results then available to the diagnostician using HTS 5. [more]

Local testing

Testing within the local (offline) installed version of HTS 5. [more]

Intranet testing

An option for testing in closed networks where an internet connection is not available/desired. [more]



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